It is important you look after yourself, after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

It is not very easy to get/ask or help, but family, friends, neighbors; Church member can always support you when you call for their help.

It is always advisable to be precise about your illness to your partner or children.

For comfort you can meet with patients who have survived with similar symptoms which may help you form your own circle.

- After treatment now you are recovery. – You may ask what if it recurs:
Speak think positively spend more time with your friends and loved ones to keep your mind off that subject.

No two people are the same and no two conditions are the same neither so they cannot be compared, if you heard someone died from breast cancer don’t mean anybody suffering from this ailment will equally die. There are some cases most women do not die from breast cancer. It is good if your lump has been detected early the prognosis. Keep in mind that research into forms of cancer is continuous.

Cheer up and enjoy life and plan for the future.

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