It is essential to determine the breast cancer stages as it enable the patient and doctor to identify the treatment necessary for one’s condition. It is also vital in assessing the risk of the given condition and what lifestyle changes the patient can do to improve their health.


Identifying a breast cancers stage is aimed at describing the degree of the cancer in the body. Factors considered on how to stage a breast cancer are number of nymph nodes involved, size of the tumor, and other parts of the body the cancer has managed to affect.

One advantage in determining a cancer’s stage is it is useful during prognosis and deciding on a treatment option.

For the stage to be determined, the patient undergoes physical exam and biopsy to acquire the data needed by the doctor for the prognosis.

If need be, further tests are also carried out such as bone scans, CT scans, imaging test that include X-ray , mammograms for the breast and Positron Emission Tomography (PET).


The breast cancer is rendered non-invasive by this stage. Cancer, and breast cancer cannot be detected.

At this stage the abnormal cells tries to extend within the particular part of the breast where the cells are rooted.


At this stage the cancer cells work their way towards the neighboring tissues. At this stage some features are noticeable.
a. Lymph nodes are affected
b. The cancerous tumor has reached the size of 2cm.


This stage is further grouped into 2

Stage 2 (i)
a. a tumor does not exist in the breast but cancerous cells are detected in the lymph nodes.
b. A tumor that may exist measures less than 2cm.
c. And the tumor has expanded further than 2cm but less than 5cm without reaching lymph nodes.
The tumor is less than 5cm, but exceeds 2cm.

In the first category of stage 3 tumor could easily be noticeable or not. The cancer may stick together outside of the lymph nodes and become clustered together.

Stage 3 (i)

Gradually it progresses to a stage were inflammatory breast cancer takes place. Tumor grows in size and affects other parts of the body outside of the actual breast.

(ii) This is the final stage. Breast cancer signs might not be detectable yet, in some cases. Whereas, the tumor could already be spreading towards the chest wall, breast skin, and below your collarbone.

Stage 4

Is a critical stage of the levels of breast cancer. The various organs of the body might have been infected by the spread of the cancerous cells. This signifies the initial diagnosis of breast cancer. Since the cancerous cells are easily detectable.

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