“Early detection is the key to surviving Prostate Cancer examine yourself today”

It is estimated that more than twenty-eight thousand men die yearly from prostate cancer. Most men that are diagnosed with this type of malignancy have a survival rate of almost ninety-eight percent thanks to early detection. I hope the information in this article may help increase the survival for you.

Though prostate can occur in men under the age of fifty it is really uncommon. When it does not occur under age 50 some doctors feel it may be related to DNA genes from an abnormal problem with the testosterone hormone or from the family. The fact that it is an uncommon occurrence in men under 50, doesn’t mean that you can’t start preparing yourself to fight off prostate illness early in your life.

Doing your best to have a healthy lifestyle is one of the most vital steps you can take to help prevent cancer, prostate or otherwise. Try as much as possible to stop smoking, if you smoke as this is one of the major life style changes you can take. It is believed that smoking can have adverse effect on the DNA of the malignant growth causing it to spread more rapidly through the prostate and into other parts of the body. (Journal of Urology – Vol. 162:512-516)/

Smoking helps to speed up the spread of cancer cells throughout your body and also causes major damage to your entire respiratory system. This can contribute to problems with your immune system, which is a major contributor to preventing any disease, much less cancer. So my advice is for you to abstain from smoking if you do, prevention is better than cure.

Most studies have shown that a healthy diet can also decrease the odds of the early on set of cancer of the prostate and its severity. The natural vitamins required by your body, and those diets (exercise), which are high in fiber have been shown to be very helpful.

It has been shown by other studies that exercise helps the immune system to work at top proficiency. You will not only help your prostate, you will also lower the odds of contracting other life threatening diseases.

Again like I said earlier on this article, early detection is the key to increasing the survival rate for cancer victims, prostate or otherwise.

Having the first PSA sample taken around age 40 is one of the recommendations being touted. However, there is a good deal of controversy over this recommendation. Those against it have stated that it will be too early to show any results. While those for it have said it will give a record for comparison as the person ages.

Here is another tip. It doesn’t matter which camp your doctor is in it is important for you to discuss your course with your physician. The tips provided in this article on prostate cancer are for information purposes only. They should not be taken as medical advice.

Though prostate cancer can be a life threatening disease with the proper medical treatment and lifestyle changes, the chances of prostate cancer being the actual cause of your death are small.

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