Frequent eating of fast food and bad human life style are well known to be major cause of breast cancer cells in the human body. Other habits that will incite cancer and increase the growth of cancer cells are: frequent intake of acidic foods, lack of exercise, drug and smoking.

It is being claimed by many health food producers today that their products can help reduce and prevent cancer. This is not true. Some of these producers say these just to promote their product. This fact might confuse consumer suffering for cancer that are in search of other treatment options and this might worsen the disease.

It has been shown by current research and clinical data on cancer patients, that most cancer patients have a common eating habit. The habit of eating foods that are acidic such as beef, chicken, pork, milk and dairy products like tea, chocolate, yogurt, cheese and soft drinks. These cancer patients also lack good eating pattern and lifestyle. Such lifestyle includes consuming drugs, lack of exercise and smoking therefore the growth and spread of cancer cells in the body is incited.

In the US and other developed countries, breast cancer is presently the biggest killer among women. Breast cancer is also the number one killer in developing countries today. This is terrifying for women all around the world.

Today it is know that alkaline foods will be able to prevent and kill cancer cells. Cancer cells will only grow in acidic environments this means that daily consumption of alkaline foods will prevent cancer cell to grown and even cause existing cancer to die.

Some of the alkaline foods that can prevent and kill cancer cells are brown rice, seeds, fish, fresh fruits, fresh organic vegetables, sea weed etc.

Do exercise regularly, consume three liters of water daily and try and live happily all the time. You can prevent and even recover from breast cancer if you could change your eating pattern and lifestyle.

Prevent Breast Cancer Today.

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