Prostate Cancer

What is the best prostate cancer treatment? This has been a recurrent question for well over hundred years. There may not be a definite answer for the question. However, this article is aimed to give you food for thought and might help you form some questions to ask your doctor.

This article serves as information purposes only not for medical advice. Always consult your personal physician when any physical illness arises.

Before locking in the proper treatment for you, there are many factors which needs to be taken into consideration by you and your medical team. The difficult thing, is that each individual man diagnosed with prostate cancer is going to be different form the other patient. Patient A may be in almost perfect health, except for the beginning stage of the malignancy. While the patient B may have other life threatening diseases which will restrict the type of treatment to be given.

Your Doctor may prescribe not to do anything for a while. He may just want you to wait and watch. And you might be upset with the prescription by your Doctor. The reason this process is applied is because prostate cancer is so slow growing and the symptoms are so slow developing, he or she may not know which treatment may be the best for you.

The best prostate cancer treatment may well only be one type of treatment or it may be a combination of several. In other words, one or more treatments will be recommended depending on the stage level of your illness. You may want to get a second opinion as this might be a complex decision. You shouldn’t hesitate to get that 2nd opinion if you are uncomfortable with your teams’ recommendation.

Radiotherapy by itself may be used whether your cancer has spread into the close surrounding.

This treatment is administered by a focused x-ray been directly to the prostate gland. If the tumor, has infected the surrounding tissue or lymph’s of the prostate the treatment above can also be used.

Removal of the prostate of the radiotherapy treatment to the surrounding tissues (radical prostatectomy) combined with the use of radio therapy and perhaps hormone therapy. What this means for you is that the infected areas will receive radioactive wave plus a hormone which will block the male testosterone being release into the prostate.

With the development made in medical technology, such as laser beam, the prostatectomy can be performed with little or no damage done to the surrounding nerves and nerve endings.

Before I conclude let me remind you that it is very important for you to consult your medical team before deciding on the best prostate cancer treatment. It is now know to you that there are many options to choose from as to the treatment you will receive for prostate cancer.

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