Prostate Cancer

This article will discuss the possibility of new prostate cancer treatments as wel as proven and tried treatments.

Very Important

This article serves as information purposes only not for medical advice. Always consult your personal physician when any physical illness arises.

A company called Dendreon had developed provenge which is one of the newest drugs for prostate cancer treatment. Provenge is believe to have fewer side effects than the other toxic drugs currently approved for use in advanced cases of prostate malignancy. The side effects for Provenge are said to be similar to a case of flu and generally cease after 2 to 3 days. Some of the other toxic drug side effects are so bad they may even result in death in as many as 1 to 2% as shown by the clinical trials conducted by Dendreon. Dendreon clinical trials also show that Provenge may extends life up to as much as 4 1/2 months for those with little hope.

Thanks to recent technology growth one of the proven therapies, Cryotherapy, has taken on new life and new hope. This therapy is more effective during the early stages of prostate cancer. It uses sub zero temperature to freeze the prostate cancer.

It is commonly used where the cancer is identified within the prostate. Doctors are able to treat the tumors with a new needle called a cryoneedle because the cancer is identified. The good news about this method of treatments is its accuracy.

With the use of transrectal ultrasound and switching from liquid nitrogen to helium gases and argon, the effectiveness of the treatment has increased.

In conclusion all prostate cancer new treatment should be discussed with your personal Doctor.

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