Breast Cancer Awareness

This October is the month of the Breast Cancer Awareness. Lots of people are going to cooperates in this event through wearing pinks. It is very important that we became a part of this kind of events, to educate people around the globe about this kind of illness.

Over 1.3 million of women are diagnosed who acquired this kind of disease every year. Wherein almost half a million of its patients died, on its record 40,000 of them came from the US.

Many of us are unaware about the signs of breast cancer, and it is very important to know the early signs of this illness for early treatments and medications.

Most of the times, there are no outer signs that you can see or feel to know if you have acquired the illness. However, we can say that the only sign that you can recognize is the occurrence of a lump or a thickening area in the breast. Other signs to recognize are enlargement of the underarm lymph node, breast swelling and redness of the area.

Even you experienced all of this signs of breast cancer; it does not mean that you already have the cancer. In most cases, having breast lumps does not ensure you that you have an acute kind of cancer, it usually turn out to be benign, a not cancerous type of lumps.

If your major concern is to know whether these lumps are cancerous, it is very important for you to visit your doctor immediately to ease your worry. Having a physical breast examination can help you find if you do have lumps that have big potential of becoming cancerous.

Women who are in their late 40's are the most affected and at risk of having this kind of illness. Having annual mammogram and monthly physical examinations can help you for easy detection and diagnosis of breast cancer.

The knowledge regarding signs of breast cancer can help you recognize early if you already acquire the illness. Visit for more sources to give you better understanding regarding this topic article.
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