How to Reclaim Women's Life After Breast Cancer - Part 2

Regular exercise and eating well also top "to-do" list, as part of an effort to embark on lifestyle changes that enhance the chances for long-term survival. She also promotes weight management, particularly as a response to certain cancer medications such as tamoxifen and aromatase inhibitors, which can cause women to put on pounds. Exercise can help healthy people keep in good condition, and also can help patients recover. So please do not hesitate to join the group to do some exercise.

Not smoking, having no more than one alcoholic drink a day, using sunscreen and getting enough vitamin D will also help with long-term survival. Everybody knows that smoking is harmful to those healthy people, not to mention we sick people. To some extent, alcohol is beneficial to people; but if we drink too much, it also will do great harm to our body. So please try to keep away from alcohol.

And for women who struggle with the ongoing fatigue or memory and concentration issues (sometimes referred to as "chemo brain") following treatment, we suggest you seek help rather than suffer in silence. Maybe you can not solve it yourself.

Lastly, she encourages women to connect with other breast cancer survivors, while looking into the many community and online resources now available to help patients move on with their lives. You have similar experience, so you can help each other. The following website will be very helpful.

Actually we need try our best to avoid suffering from breast cancer, because it is much easier and it will bring us any bad effect. What's more, we have to pay obvious attention to our own breast. For example, 35 year-old above female should every year carry on the molybdenum arrowhead X-ray inspection. And most women hate molybdenum arrowhead X-ray inspection because they think this kind of inspection will do harm to their body, because it will release strong radiation. Actually we do not need to worry about it, because it will affect our health little. Everybody knows that the telephone release radiation, but we take it everyday, and do little harm to our health.

On the contrary, we try our best to make it look beautiful, put on clothes for them. And I am that kind of person. I bought the case on the website store where a lot of cases available.

Breast cancer is in-formidable, what we can do is to try our best to defeat it.

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