How to Reclaim Women's Life After Breast Cancer - Part 1

Nowadays, more and more women suffer from breast cancer, especially some young women. So breast cancer got more and more attention. With October designated as National Breast Cancer Awareness month, one expert offers breast cancer survivors some guidance on what they can do to reclaim and maintain their health.

First, cancer survivors should summarize their prior treatment for their primary care physician, and enlist the doctor in an effort to monitor the long-term impact that radiation, chemotherapy and other aggressive interventions can have down the road. In this way, you can find the best way to treat your disease.

Fear of cancer recurrence should be tackled head on, she said, by getting a firm understanding of one's particular risk and seeking out counseling to help manage concerns. It will offer no help if you just worry about the disease but do not give offers to overcome them. Heaven helps those who help themselves.

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